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For Traveler/Content Writer

TRAVELINFO’s motive is to get yourself shaped into the Sri Lanka's largest travel information site. We let you lend your hand for us to strengthen our journey. We are ready to pay for each and every submission of yours, once it is accepted by our evaluation committee. If you are a frequent traveler or a good writer carrying an enthusiasm on Sri Lankan culture and its history, you are the ones we kept looking for. First you need to register yourself with us and for that all you need to do is to sending a registration request, where we will appraise your profile and pick you to become a TRAVELINFO member. Subsequently, you can share photos and articles depicting Sri Lankan nature, history, geography, foods, festival..ect with us if you are interested to publish them in We are ready to create an own profile page for you and post all your images and articles tagged to your profile. Most importantly, all your submissions would be copyrighted to you. We will always make sure to refer your name in every post of yours. All you have to do is following our submission steps as described below.

We are ready to gift a TRAVELINFO T-shirt for our very first 100 members as a token of appreciation..!!

Registration Process

If you are a travel photographer or a good writer, to get membership with TRAVELINFO all you have to do is to submit our simple registration form. Once we accept and register you as TRAVELINFO member your profile will be temporally activated and you will receive a mail to activate your profile. Once your profile is activated you can submit article to TRAVELINFO.
TravelInfo T-Shirt We are ready to gift a TRAVELINFO T-shirt for our premier members as a token of appreciation..!!

Post Submision and Approval Process

As a member of TRAVELINFO, you are privileged to send us any amount of articles. It can be either photographs or articles of Sri Lanka which would bring a value to travelers around Sri Lanka. If your submission meets our standards, we will publish your submission as a post in TRAVELINFO. All users of TRAVELINFO will be notified once the post is published and it will be linked to your own profile page. Similarly, we will be sending you requests to submit photographs and articles under a specific topic which we would recommend. All you need to do is accepting the sent request and sharing your relevant submission with us. Every submission must include your own photos or writing which cannot be copied by anyone else. If otherwise, please make sure to mention the first owner in your article.

Payement Process

As promised, we are ready to award you points for every approved submission of yours. From one submission you can gain upto 100 points under 'GENERAL' member category and with number of submissions you can gain up to 500 points for an article. For your membership, we offer 100 points and every approved submission will be awarded with 50/100 points being added to your points bucket. Likewise, you will be awarded with 250 points for every friend referral and there are many other ways of earning points. In your points bucket, every 50 points would be equal to 1$ and after your 4th approved submission, you will be eligible to redeem your points via mobile money (Dialog ezcash or Mobitel mcash) or through a direct money transfer to your bank account. You can also redeem your points against TRAVELINFO product line sponsored by our sponsors like Smart Watches, Phones & Accessories, Cameras & accesories and many more. Given below is a sample point scheme for your reference. We may increase the points value based on the demand to give better benefit to our loyal members. If there’s any further inquiry, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

You can track all your activities in TRAVELINFO account. Access to your account will be granted once you have been selected as TRAVELINFO member.

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Are you a passionate individual on traveling around Sri Lanka and collect pictures of attractions? Then, you are the one we were looking for! Come join with us, if you are ready to earn money just by sharing your memories with everyone.

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Content Writer

Are you that one individual who loves writing and obsessive about Sri Lankan culture, nature, history, food, landmarks or whatever it is, you are welcome to join with TRAVELINFO to earn money just by sharing your wonderful thoughts being put into creative articles.

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For Hotels/ Restaurent/ Beauty&Spas/ Shopping Malls

You can be part of Sri Lanka's largest travel site. All you need to do is send us the details of your compay. We will create you a dedicated page for you. You can manage your ongoing events and promotions. We will make sure your company is located with travelers search queries.

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We are ready to preserve a dedicated page for your organization, to promote any of your ongoing event and promotions with many more features.
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